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Project Proposals

Chinese Standards (translated to English - unofficial copies)

National Standard of the People's Republic of China

Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres -

GB3836.1-2000.pdf - Part 1 : General Requirements

GB3836.2-2000.pdf - Part 2 : Flameproof Enclosure "d"

GB3836.3-2000.pdf - Part 3 : Increased Safety "e"

GB3836.4-2000.pdf - Part 4 : Intrinsic Safety "i"

Coal Industry Standard of People's Republic of China

MTT661-1997.pdf - General Technical Condition for Electrical Apparatus Used Underground Mine


Below is a listing of major projects associated with UGCoal. They are all in their original format, and are denoted with file types.

Approved Explosives & Detonators [HTML]

Coal Explosibility

      Project Outline

      Coal Explosibility Data Compilation - Grande Cache Coal

      Final Report - Coal Explosibility/Inerting Testing Results for Samples from       Grande Cache Coal and a Comparison to Canadian Historical Testing Results

Electrical Equipment - Hazardous Location Zoning

      Final Report [main body] [PDF]

      Summary [html]

      Appendix [PDF]

Explosion Barriers [PDF]

Explosion Proof Stoppings [PDF]

Fire Resistant Fluids [PDF]

Geotechnical Review [HTML]

Legislative Review

      Legislative Review Summary Sheet [HTML]

      Legislative Review - Selected Topics [PDF]

      Discussion Document [PDF]

      Proposal and Annex [HTML]

      ILO COP on Safety & Health in U/G Coal Mines - Overview [PDF]

      Legislative Review - Final Report [PDF]

      Legislative Review Summary - Table 1 [PDF]

      Legislative Review Summary - Table 2 [PDF]

Light Alloys [html]

Refuge Stations [PDF]

Regulatory Methane Cut-off Requirement

      Summary [HTML]

      Methane Cut-off Report [PDF]

      Methane Shutdown System [PDF]

Stone Dust

      Stone Dust Report [PDF]

      Stone Dust Fact Sheet [PDF]

Training, Qualifications & Competency - Phase I - Final Report [PDF]

Training, Qualifications & Competency - Phase II

      Chief Inspectors Letter - July 19, 2009 [PDF]
      Note: On page 1 of the letter, date should have been May 7, 2009, not May 7, 2008

Training, Qualifications and Competency Project - Phase 2 Report - March 31, 2011 [PDF]

      Tables 1 and 2 [excel spreadsheet]

      Table 3 [excel spreadsheet]

      Appendix 1 [PDF]

      Appendix 2 [PDF]

      Appendix 3 [PDF]

      Appendix 4 [PDF]